Friday, June 12, 2009

Gil Yehuda's Got it Right

Why wikis should be a standard workplace tool, writes Gil Yehuda in a recent blog post. No question mark; this is a statement of fact. Right on, Gil!

A former Forrester analyst who covered the Enterprise 2.0 space, Gil discovered intranet wikis in late 2002. In this blog post, he writes a strong, detailed argument about the value of wikis to companies. He cites a study he participated in while at Forrester and explains that, in the Enterprise 2.0 sphere, wikis "were the lead dog in the race." He writes:

"My conclusions from years of managing and implementing wikis, as well as peer-reviewed published research that I conducted, tells me that wikis are the strong play of Enterprise 2.0. Put it together with a profile capability (the foundation of social networking tools), and you are armed to start reshaping the intranet. Of course, it’s never the weapon that wins the war, but you want to make sure you have the right gear."

An important takeaway here is that wikis and blogs and other Enterprise 2.0 tools won't instantaneously transform your business (though you will accrue gains faster than most, if not all other, software tools). These tools equip you to better handle the flow of information and develop an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity in a secure location. A wiki is only as good as the people who use it and the information that goes into it. But when someone who researches and studies these kinds of things declares: Wikis should be a standard workplace tool, I'd sure as heck listen.

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