Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is WebDav and how can it help you?

So, as promised, here's more on the latest release of SamePage version 4.3. If you're not technical, you likely won't know the meaning of WebDAV aka Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Consider it a cool new tech term to show off with to your friends.

What's important is what WebDAV support does for SamePage 4.3 users. Basically, if you want to edit a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file attachment that is located in your wiki, you no longer need to open the attachment, download it to your system, edit, save and then upload to your wiki. What a relief, right?

Now, you can edit attachments without explicitly downloading them. You can get the same "one-click edit and save experience" for files that you are accustomed to with all other wiki pages. The changes you make are saved directly the server.

Aside from saving you some time, energy and effort, this creates a more simple environment for collaboration and document management. Especially for our customers and prospects looking for knowledge management solutions, this is really an important product enhancement.

Watch this SamePage video which talks about this feature. If you're not yet a customer, sign up for a 30-day free SamePage trial.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Love a New Release

I just love a new software release! I love to be able to tell people about it, play with the new functionalities and all of that. And so I've been patiently waiting until I could rave about...drum roll, please...SamePage version 4.3.

Now it's out and I've got free rein. For starters, I want to talk about the new Explorer view. Basically, navigating SamePage is now as easy and comfortable as working on a Windows-based computer. Users can easily navigate through projects and pages, locate items quickly and manage attachments seamlessly in a familiar user interface.

We have a lot of customers using SamePage as a knowledge management and document management tool, and it's great for that. Now, we can better meet the needs of customers using the enterprise 2.0 solution for knowledge management, including content and document management. With a wiki user interface just like a desktop, KM workers can more simply do their work.

Before we launched the update, I had a stimulating phone conversation with Dan Keldsen, co-founder of consulting firm Information Architected and ranked as one of the Most Influential Enterprise 2.0 Bloggers by Dan is a KM expert and had this to say about our software:

"For KM to succeed today, you need a system that allows the employee to simply do their work, wherever they would normally do it, yet provides them inputs and outputs to make KM as easy as sending an e-mail or saving to their desktop. The aim should be for the simple Active Management of Knowledge, rather than the complete chaos of unmanaged content that so many companies have. If your tools force you into a single way of work, even if it's the 'Wiki Way,' you should consider a more fully integrated solution, such as SamePage 4.3."

If you can't get a feel for this based on my words, this video will help. (If you get an error message in the video below, go to SamPage's YouTube page.

I'll write more soon on the new features and functionalities of SamePage v. 4.3. Can't wait to find out more? Sign up for a free trial or let me know if you have any questions.