Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A GOOD Kind of Socializing at Word

Web sites, tech magazines, even mainstream papers are all writing about social media xyz. To say it's a hot topic is a great understatement. For example, the landscape of blogging has expanded, and the discourse in the comments can often be as valuable as the original blog post. Also, Facebook, Twitter and similar sites are becoming more valuable to companies, as people realize how to maximize their use for business purposes.

All of these 'social' tools help create a more comfortable online discussion; they help to make things more friendly and personal. That makes people feel they have more at stake. And I think that's a key reason why social features are increasingly finding their place in enterprise tools.

Last week, we announced the release of SamePage version 4.1 that incorporates social elements and allows users to personalize their wiki experience and profiles. SamePage is an enterprise wiki, yes. Adding social elements can help to foster better, more comfortable relationships among colleagues.

Some of the social features of SamePage version 4.1 are:
  • An integrated social directory with rich user profiles and people search that facilitates people-centric collaboration.
  • User-created profiles to provide a well-rounded view to other users and become a source for a collaborative social directory.
  • People search functionality.
  • Page ratings
  • Twitter-like status updates, e.g. What are you doing now?
  • Display of the most recent wiki activities
  • On-premise customers can also customize the user-profile for their instance, hiding SamePage attributes that may not be relevant within their specific organization.

You can read more about it:
Or try it free for 30 days.

It's THE wave of the future.

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