Monday, September 21, 2009

"A Wiki Wonderland"

"A Wiki Wonderland." That was the headline to the KMWorld article about the launch of SamePage version 4.2. You gotta love least I did.

What makes it a wonderland? Several valuable features and enhancements to the product that will truly benefit enterprises of all sizes. Interested? Let me tell you more.

The features we've added will better meet the needs of a remote and social-media friendly knowledge management workforce, including business travelers and wiki administrators.

Changes to this version include:

- Dynamic portal-like dashboard with drag and drop widgets that can be personalized at company and individual levels, eliminating the need for a separate intranet portal product.
- Advanced email integration that enables remote workers to more easily 'wikify' content from any smartphone.
- A wide selection of new and enhanced plug-ins that can be customized for each enterprise, including tag cloud and project member plug-ins, among others.
- More detailed analytics, usage and content reports for administrators.
- Ratings on Blog posts and more blog analytics.
- Support for Microsoft Office 2007
- WYSIWYG enhancements to further simplify the user interface.
- Increased privileges for the system user or administrator to manage pages and projects.

Intrigued or interested about being a part of our "wiki wonderland?" You can start by signing up for a free 30-day trial from, direct message (DM) us on Twitter @samepagewiki or email us at

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