Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Love

If you haven't previously heard of Gil Yehuda or read his enterprise 2.0 blog, well, you're a little too late. Gil, an analyst and rainmaker in the space, has gone in-house with Yahoo! However, as a last hurrah, he wrote a blog post about some of the vendors he likes but hadn't had a chance to blog about. We'd been talking with Gil for a while about SamePage and finally got a little blog love.

Unfortunately, Gil ran out of time to talk with one of our customers. We had a couple of good ones in line. Fortunately, he had only nice things to say, and we appreciate it.

As Gil writes:
"....they [SamePage] don’t make a lot of noise – but they have goods. Their client-base seems to be those very big but shy companies who require top-notch security features (SamePage provides it), but refuse to allow their vendors from sharing their name on a client list."

Gil will be missed as an active contributor to the enterprise 2.0 market.

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